2011 Ski Camp Report

In the winter holidays, Frontier Club organised a 4-day (3 night) camp in the Snowy Mountains. We spent two days skiing (or snowboarding) at Perisher Blue and stayed at Jindabyne Catholic Parish Hall. Here, we offer you a chronology of the events of the camp and a link to some photos.

11 July

We left Nairana for Jindabyne, stopping at Queanbeyan where the boys and counsellors enjoyed their packed lunch. When we arrived at our destination, we picked up our skis and snowboards, had dinner and spent the night playing games and other stuff.

12 July

Amazingly, the boys woke up promptly at 6:00am. Fr Felix celebrated Mass and after breakfast, we headed off to Perisher. The boys were split up into three groups: Professional, beginner and the very beginners. By the end of the day, all the boys were able to ski splendidly. When we returned to the Parish Hall, we had dinner and played more night games.

13 July

After crawling through the heavy traffic on the way to Perisher, we were finally able to start the second day of skiing. The “Very Beginners” were so confident with themselves that they were the only boys who caught the train to “Blue Cow”. In the afternoon, Seb Burfitt became an instant hero when he drove Nairana’s Tarago out of the car park. As the evening came to a close, we all got ready for bed and watched “Tangled”. All the boys and most of the counsellors enjoyed the movie.

14 July

The boys were sad that it was the last day of the camp. We all arrived safely without any hiccups or trouble from the police.

Thank you to all the kids for attending. Thank you to the counsellors. They were:

Joe Watson

Louie Supan

Antonio Del Cano

Frank Perez

Dom Augimeri

Seb Burfitt

Andrew Beard

Bernie James

Fr Felix Navarro

Gerard Weber

Paul Elias

Thank you to Mrs Setiyo and Mrs Nader who generously prepared dinner for us.

The photos can be found here


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