Duke of Edinburgh Report: Culture in Canberra

May I be the first to say what a fantastic trip – meeting new people, discovering new places, and pushing our boundaries – but I don’t want to start with a conclusion, so let’s firstly take a look at the highlights of this amazing trip.

We headed out to five main places during the camp.

Firstly we went to Parliament house to look deeply into the history of Australia, but we were truly stunned to find that the Hon. Julia Gillard, our PM, was giving a speech. We did of course shake hands and receive a photo with her, and after a quick reflection of what had just happened, who we just met, we were ready to go to the Australian War Memorial.

It was here where we discovered just how much the ANZACS sacrificed to give their people at home, a future. It was amazing to see some of the statistics put forward by the AWM, we also were able to trace our ancestry back to the people who fought in the wars, and we were also able to identify their roles and rank.

Our next main event was that of mountain biking, here we were tested with some of the best tracks in Canberra, and although it was challenging, everyone seemed to have met other bikers and with directions, we all managed to pull through although I must say I tip my hat to you Harry who was in the lead on the way down and managed to complete it in approximately thirty minutes.

In the royal Australian mint we discovered the origins of coins, some of us even managed to get a quick wave from the workers, an it is said that you can smell money in the mint, and smell we did, we took a quick sharp breath, in awe of how the heavy canisters were moved by the machines, the strongest machine there went by the name of Titan, this machine carried canisters which weighed in at more than a ton!

The last main event we were a part of was visiting the AIS were we found that the grounds of the AIS weren’t just used for sport but also music concerts, performers included Lady Gaga, The Wiggles and Pink, we also found out about some of the records that had been made and broken at the AIS.

All of these things made our visit to Canberra a truly delightful experience.

by Paul Fam

See some photos of our trip here


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