Frontier Club: Term 4 Activity Preferences

Activities for this term for Frontier Club will run for 4 weeks: the other weeks in the term we will be doing other activities: double study sessions, indoor soccer or excursions etc…

Once you have signed up (see at bottom of page), you must attend your chosen/allocated activity each Friday (so choose wisely). Make your choice below.

There are four activities to choose from this term, of which we will run the most popular 3 activities.

The activities for this term are:

Pinata Making
pinataPinatas are a lot of fun to make. Think of a design, then set about making it happen. The best pinata will be smashed at the annual Nairana Pinata smashing festival, on Christmas Eve right after the Vigil Mass. (But there will be plenty of time to smash the rest). Limit of 6 people in this activity.

Magic Tricks
A little practice will help you to perform cool magic tricks. Our guest magician will teach you some of the basics so you can dazzle you family andf friends, twist their perceptions and blow their minds. You’ll learn incredible card tricks, stunning mind-reading, unbelievable coin and money tricks and much, much more… Limit of 6 – 8.

Street Hockey

All you need is enthusiasm and a hunger for victory. We’ve got the pucks and the sticks. 4-week competition to grab the coveted Frontier Street Hockey title. If you like a fast moving game and have plenty of energy, street hockey is for you. (note: we will not be playing on the street)

Viral Videos

It’s back. The idea is simple. Make an ad for the upcoming Summer Camp. Come up with a theme or idea and some characters. Design the set. Film the proceeding and edit. If this is you start thinking of ideas now. There is a strict limit of 6 people in this activity so get your preferences in quick!

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