The Frontier Club

The Nairana Frontier Club is an initiative of parents that provides a formative environment for their boys which echoes the positive atmosphere and values of their own family homes. At Nairana, we work with parents and the boys themselves in three areas: 

     – Human virtues – helping boys to take study seriously; to want to do things well out of a sense of mission to serve and help others; to learn to use their freedom (use of time, maturity, etc), to be honest, sincere and upfront; to be cheerful and resilient and many more. 

     – In their relationship with others – by being a good friend, a son, a brother, etc.

     – In their relationship with God – Progressively teaching them to pray and have a personal relationship with God and to learn to value and love confession and spiritual direction.

Regular Activities

The Nairana Frontier Club includes all boys from Year 7 and 8. Boys in the Frontier Club attend Nairana once a week on a weekday. On this day they do one hour of study, attend a talk or a meditation and play sports. Every month there is an Saturday activity for the boys, where they will go out and do a bushwalk, go rock-climbing, etc. Every single holidays there is also a camp for the boys. For more information on these camps please see the other pages of the website.


Here is a list of camps we hold for boys in the Frontier Club. Click on the pictures to find out more…

Contact Details

James Carroll

Ph: 0487 200 604