2011 Jamberoo Camp Report

For three days, 31 boys from Nairana and Mirrabooka Study Centres travelled through the Southern Highlands and the South Coast of Sydney. The weather was fine and the fun was memorable.

The first day, we ventured through the dreaded Bungonia Gorge. Nothing could stop the boys, not even the huge boulders at the bottom of the valley. The boys raced to the top, set up tents, had a delicious dinner and then explored the dark and scary grill cave.

On the second day, the boys got up early, braved the morning cold and had a sausage and bacon breakfast. We then left for Kiama in a convoy of two 15-seater buses and two taragos. As soon as we arrived at Kiama, Fr Joe Pro from Mirrabooka said Mass and we all went to check out the blowhole (while the cook went to get supplies). We had the traditional lunch of hot chips sandwiches and the boys swam and played sport. In the evening, we played night-games and the everyone went back to their tents to enjoy a good-night sleep after an exhausting day.

We then woke up to the sunrise over Kiama beach. The day was beautiful and we finally trotted off to Jamberoo accidentally taking the scenic route. We’ll let the boys explain to you what happened at Jamberoo. Nonetheless, everyone including the life-guards had an awesome time at the park.

This camp could not have been a success with the help of so many people.

  • Fr Chris Roberts, the parish priest of Sts Peter and Paul parish in Kiama who generously allowed us to use the parish backyard to camp on the second night.
  • The staff at Jamberoo for letting us have the time of our life.
  • The supervisors on the camp:
  • Louie Supan
  • Richard Vella
  • Jay Pacquing
  • Fr Joe Pro
  • Joseph Watson
  • James Ramos
  • Bernie James
  • Oli O’Sullivan
  • All the boys who came on the camp for helping us out and having a great time.

Here is a link to an album of photos of the camp. We hope you enjoy it.


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