Report: Jamberoo 2012

The Jamberoo Camp

Written by Joshua Weimer (Year 8), Kai Wiemer (Year 7) and Joseph Chee (Year 8 )


Day 1

We left Nairana early in the morning and spent hours on a long and tiring road trip. On our arrival at Bungonia Gorge, we had lunch and then embarked on a 3.8 km journey. Even though it was meant to be a 2 hour walk, it took us 5 hours. Undernourished, we clambered among gigantic, rocky behemoths which made everyone stumble around breathless.

That night we went caving in the grill cave. Since it was the first time we went caving, we thought it this was a highly advanced cave system usually reserved for professional cavers.


Day 2

After a long night we woke up freezing, our breath frosting in front of our faces we had to improvise to find ways of heating ourselves. We then left for the Kiama blowholes; where some crazy individuals started hanging off the cliffs for dear life. Then we spent the rest of the day at the beach. We stayed at the local Catholic parish hall over night and in the evening we played night games.


Day 3

We had breakfast in the park and then made our way to Jamberoo where we spent the rest of the day at Jamberoo going down the Taipan, riding in the racing cars, jumping off the Rock and many other rides including the Taipan Tadpoles. We all very much enjoyed the camp and are looking forward to the next camp.

To view photos of the camp click here

To view a video trailer of the camp click here

Club Director’s Note: Thank you to all the counsellors who helped out on this camp. Special thanks go to Fr. Chris from St Peter and Paul’s Catholic parish in Kiama who let us use the parish grounds and hall and to the Gonzaga Family from Mirrabooka Study Centre who let us use their people mover for the camp.

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