Report: Summer Camp 2012

Frontier Club and Mirrabooka Study Centre Summer Camp 2012

by Matthew Ash (Nairana Year 8 )

Day 1

The campers arrived at the new summer camp location, Wedderburn Campsite near Campbelltown in the afternoon of the 22nd of January 2012. This year’s camp theme was The Lord of The Rings with eight teams each representing a faction from the movie. After being put into our teams, we moved on to the flag and war cry competition. Each team painted their idea on their flag and performed a short skit. In the end, Rhohan came up on top. We then played the Hat Game where you had to take the opposing team’s hats which was won by Gilbert Johnston from Nairana. We then moved on to the always enjoyed Paint Game which broke into chaos with paint and water bombs flying everywhere. After dinner we played the Ring Wraths Game where you had to get as many lines on your arms without being caught by a counsellor. Joe Chee ended up being the only one to get the instant 10 points.

Day 2

On day 2 of the camp the day activity was a sports round robin. The sports included: Oztag, obstacle course, volleyball and soccer. All teams had victories, some more than others, and most had their losses. There was also an apparent robbery of the kitchen with the leader looking surprisingly similar to Elias Nader. There was also a harmony enclosure designated to the swimming pool area and meant to be, and I quote, “an area where they can get rid of that excess energy and relate to each other in a really safe and peaceful environment.’’ It actually ended with us fighting ferociously on the pole that ran along the pool and ended with many scratches and a few bruises. That night people were almost scared to death after hearing Ollie’s horrifying stories and walking the Scary Game.

Day 3

The main event of day 3 was the Treasure Hunt. All of the teams had to go through numerous clues to find the hidden treasure  of which was full of lollies. The winners of the hunt was the Shire who were instantly crowded by a lot of people willing be their friend for a few lollies. That night was the trivia night where each team had to answer a stream of questions correctly to get points. This night changed the point table dramatically.

Day 4

Day 4 was scheduled to be Ollie’s games. These included the pulse game, cat and mouse game and the cowboy game. Although, before this could happen, there was a karaoke and dancing activity due to the rain. Everyone was astonished by Ollie’s shuffling skills and a bit weirded out by Jose Fernandez. This night was for sure one of the most enjoyed games, The Route to Mordor. This game finished very late and everyone was exhausted afterwards.


Our last day of camp was the skits and family picnic day. In the skits, Rivendale was the victor with high scores even from Ollie (the toughest judge). Afterwards the families got together for lunch BBQ then everyone rather left with their family to go home or stayed and helped finish the cleaning (and taking a final dip in the pool). It was a great camp, surely one of the best, that I believe everybody enjoyed and can’t wait for next year’s.

A final thank you to Louie and Joe and all the counsellors for the great camp. I would also like to say goodbye on behalf of Nairana to Joe Watson who is moving to Warrane College, we will miss him. Good luck Joe!

Photos of the Summer Camp can be viewed here.

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