Watershed Report

The Watershed Seminar

The Watershed Seminar is designed to help young men develop a strong vision of their future – starting now. With the advantage of receiving advice and sound direction, these students will learn to see their high school years (their studies, athletic clubs, summer jobs, leisure time, etc.) as an opportunity to develop the personal attributes necessary for greater success throughout their lives.

Purpose of the Seminar

The purpose of the seminar is two-fold: to help young men form high ideals, realistic goals, and practical plans for meeting the challenges awaiting them in the future, and to share practical advice for succeeding academically, choosing career paths and becoming effective leaders in the workplace and in society.

2010 Seminar

This year, the seminar was held at Warrane College at the University of New South Wales. Session topics included:

– What employers are looking for?

– Balancing High School life

– How to choose the right university course for you?

– Setting Goals

– Analysis of the lives of Irena Sendler and Dr Ben Carson.


The Watershed camp was truly a rewarding and refreshing experience. It gave me a renewed sense of determination into achieving my goals as well as teaching me how to step up to the crease and take the role of a leader when required. Furthermore, I realised that the cliché that “anyone can achieve anything” was not just a topic for a Hollywood movie, but a real truth and reality.

The camp itself was very well organised. With a mixture of formal and informal talks, group activities and free time. The camp didn’t feel like a three days of long drone-full, monotone talks. But an interactive, tangible experience that left you both inspired and strangely even more refreshed then you were before the talk.

These factors combined, with the fact that the ever-helpful organisers treated you like adults, resulted in me coming out of the camp with determination and self confidence, erstwhile lacking before the camp. I am truly thankful that I received the opportunity to take part in this camp and I truly recommend it to anyone offered with the chance to take part in it.

Damien Wilks, 2010 Watershed Participant

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